ENERGY and BDSM: Exploration of a Deeper Experience

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I lead a life that most only read or hear about in sordid novels or risqué movies.

I’m a male slave. A very powerful woman controls my life…and my body. Some would call me a “sex slave.”

However, my relationship and dynamic with my Mistress go far deeper. There is a connection between us that greatly transcends the sexual plane. In fact, I would dare to say it goes deeper than “love…”

Slave Dragos lives in a world that many have fantasized about. Have you ever dreamt of being controlled, or controlling another? Perhaps you harbor a desire to be tied up and spanked, or even beaten? Or, do you long to restrain someone, and inflict painful pleasure on their body?

Maybe you’ve even delved into actual bondage play yourself. Is it really all just kinky sex? Or, could there be something more? Much more?

Slave Dragos is a real slave (submissive) living in the United States, who brings you into his world of dominance, submission, pleasure, and pain. After spending almost 30 years in the underground world of slaves, masters, mistresses, secret clubs and private parties, Dragos discovered something far more satisfying than the shallow eroticism depicted in magazines, movies, and books.

In “Energy and BDSM,” Dragos exposes you to the deep, spiritual realm that lies hidden within the leather-clad sadomasochistic experience. Join him as he describes his journey through this dark and mysterious world in vivid, delicious detail. At the same time, he’ll explain how you, the reader, can learn to build a powerful, amazing, spiritual bond with your partner.

Whether you are just starting to dabble in bondage, pain, and pleasure, or are an experienced kinkster, “Energy and BDSM” will shine a new light on this mysterious and intriguing world.

ENERGY and BDSM: Exploration of a Deeper Experience

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