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“Looks may initially attract a Domme but your intelligence and wit is what will keep her interested in you. “
I am currently at chapter 7 and, so far, I loved every single word of it!

– Mistress Josephine – @JosephineMFD  – Twitter


Guys, it’s this simple: I’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now – sitting at my computer, sending greeting message after greeting message to women online, and wondering why they wouldn’t just take a chance and say “Hello” back.

But, years ago, I realized I was doing it wrong. And, I figured out what needed to change: ME!! Since then, I’ve befriended hundreds of Dominant women. I’ve dated and played with dozens of Dommes, and had several rewarding, long-term D/s relationships. And, now I am collared to my perfect Mistress, who loves me, punishes me, challenges me, and proudly calls me hers.

What’s my secret? I’m not some Brad Pitt look-alike who flexes his pecs and has women swooning like school girls. I’m an average guy, like you. I don’t have a nine-inch penis that I posted all over the dating sites to draw women in like hungry fish. (That doesn’t work anyway – Pages 64-65.) And, I’m not a millionaire with lots of money to impress women.

So what’s my “magic” formula for winning women over?

Well, it’s not what you may think. It boils down to this: I’ve listened to Dominant women. I’ve learned from Dominant women. I practiced what I learned in my interactions with Dominant women.

GUYS!! Dominant women have been blatantly TELLING us what they want from us for YEARS!! 

For years, Dommes have shown me the lame, crazy messages and hookup attempts they’ve received from men calling themselves “submissives.” They’ve shared the stories of the guys who wrote so smoothly online, then turned out to be clueless when they met in real time. They’ve described the guys who claimed to be all about “submission, submission, submission” – but, when the negotiations actually began, they only wanted sex, sex, sex.

Guys, you have a lot of competition out there. For every Dominant woman online, there are hundreds of men claiming to be “subs,” begging to somehow get to kneel at her feet … or get between her legs. Some are sincere. Most are cyber-wankers sitting at their computers with their pants around their ankles.

How do you rise above the crowd and the noise??

In FemDom Dating, I teach you:
-How men and women think differently and how you must change your strategy, both online and off
-How to look inside yourself, and improve who you are as a submissive
-How to build online profiles that will present the RIGHT image of you to Dominant women
-How to craft online messages that Dommes will actually respond to – and how to keep them responding!
-How to get off the computer and confidently enter the REAL BDSM world
-When and how to approach a Dominant woman for play or a relationship
-As a bonus, Mistress Oasis shares several messages that she and other Dommes have received, and offers her critique of each.

So, are you tired of trying to meet Dominant women. Do you want to actually make your submissive dreams come true with a real Domme? Then, put down the porn, and actually invest in your future as a sub-male. Get FemDom Dating: The Submissive Male’s Guide to Attracting Dominant Women TODAY!!

Your life will change. I promise!