Life With My Cock In a Cage: Part 5 – The Mature Metal Jailbird

The next stop on my chastity journey was Mature Metal. This is a company out of Texas that makes custom stainless steel cages. They have five models to choose from. Their “Jailbird” model is one of the most recognized cages amongst chastity aficionados. Spend a little time on an online chastity forum and you’ll see lots of guys praising the Jailbird as the greatest cage they have ever worn. I suppose you could say it’s the Ford F-150 of cock cages.

Mature Metals creates each cage based on a customer’s individual measurements. Those measurements are penis length, penis diameter, and the “gap.” The gap is the distance between the base ring that goes around your balls, and the base of the penis. This gap is important to ensure a snug fit for the cage, and allow room for the constant “anatomical changes” your penis goes through all day. A proper gap between the ring and the cage also ensure you can’t slip out of the cage when you’re flaccid. Oh YES! If the gap is too big, you may be tempted to slip the old one-eyed weasel out of his holding pen through that gap and give him a good stroking when Mistress isn’t around, you naughty wanker!

The Mature Metal “Jailbird”

The Jailbird starts at $225.00. I think they’ve dropped their prices. I could have sworn mine was a little over $300. But, I digress.

I spent quite some time staring at Mature Metal’s website, and reading their measuring instructions and product descriptions. To be honest, the price seemed a bit steep for me and I genuinely took time to question just how badly I wanted my manhood locked up. Well, I wanted to be locked up, but I questioned how much I was willing to spend to make it happen. In the end, considering that I own probably close to $7000 worth of BDSM toys alone, I decided that Mature Metal’s price seemed fair for what I’d be getting.

I followed their measuring instructions, and even measured myself several times throughout the day, and averaged them to get the perfect fit that would handle my manhood at its most erect and most flaccid. Knowing that it was entirely up to me to ensure that my cage would fit correctly added an extra touch of anxiety. But, I sent in what I had, and ordered my Jailbird.

Wearing My Jailbird

The first thing I noticed about the Jailbird was that this thing was heavy. Not crazy heavy as to make it unreasonable. Basically, if you’re used to a plastic cage, and you pick one of these things up, you quickly realize this is a no-bullshit chunk of metal that is going to trap your cock for real. It has a serious, industrial look to it while also radiating – dare I say – elegance in its design. I can honestly say these people do good work.

Unlike the CB6000, which is a plastic tube with a few slots near the base for “ventilation,” the Jailbird is a fully “open” design. Basically that means the only places where your skin is covered, and not exposed to the air, is where one of the metal bars crosses over flesh. And, of course, your flesh will move around inside this cage a little bit. Bottom line here is that you aren’t spending all day in something that has completely sealed your cock off from the outside, and sealed in every droplet of sweat your skin emits throughout the day.

Remember what I said about wanting to be prepared? Mistress Oasis found a nifty idea online to ensure that I had a key to the padlock in the event of an emergency – and only an emergency. She found tiny little zippered bags on Etsy. They were about the size of a silver dollar. Just big enough to fit the miniature padlock key inside. Once the key was inside, she super-glued the zipper shut. The bag could be cut open if I ever needed the key in an emergency. It even had a key ring attached. So I was able to carry the spare key on my keychain. Regardless of how strong one’s fantasy is to be locked up long term, it is far easier to do so when one knows that it can be removed in a dire circumstance.

I finally had a cage that allowed me to clean myself with no more effort than simply soaping up my hands or a wash cloth, and rubbing it around the surface of the cage. By holding everything under the shower for a minute, I was completely rinsed off. And, drying afterward was a breeze. Throughout the day, because air could constantly flow over my skin, I felt very dry and fresh down there most of the time.

I found that wearing my piercing inside the cage was not practical. No matter what I tried, throughout the day, I’d regularly get pinched between the ring and the steel bars of the Jailbird. I’d read and seen pics of guys who would run their PA ring through the front of the bars as well as through their PA, essentially locking the tip of their cock to the front of the cage. Many express a greater sense of surrender and “in-escapability” with this method. Truly, even if you could slip your cock out of the cage through the gap (and I discovered that when totally flaccid and with some effort, I could), then having the pierced head of your cock physically connected to the end of the cage by a metal ring would certainly prevent any such attempts. I tried this arrangement, but discovered that the pinching increased. Additionally, I just didn’t like the idea of having a titanium ring attached to a somewhat movable metal cage, and then going through a hole in my cock. As a “what if” kind of guy, I didn’t like the prospect of what might happen to the underside of my penis if something were to accidentally cause the cage to pull forward when I was shriveled. The idea of having that skin down there ripped open really gives me the heebie-jeebies.

So, I gave up my PA ring for the privilege of being caged for my beloved Mistress. However, now I had a permanent hole underneath the head of my cock. (No, it never grew over completely.) Having a hole on the underside of your cock leads to issues with – you guessed it – URINATION.

I was already in the habit of sitting down to pee with the CB6000. The Jailbird was actually a little shorter, and had a slightly more pronounced downward curve to it, which would have made standing at a urinal absolutely impossible. I’d have been soaking my britches every day. The addition of a second hole in the penis pointing 90 degrees perpendicular to the natural opening means you’d better have a wide “field of fire” when you relieve yourself. However, after-pee cleanup is so much easier than with the plastic tube of the CB6000. You simply grab some toilet paper and dab around the end of the cage.

This is one of the realities you must be willing to face and deal with if you have the desire to be in a cage for extended periods. No matter the style, or the construction, or how many ingenious openings they include in your model – sooner or later you wind up pissing on or in your cage. It is unavoidable.

Did I mention that the Jailbird is heavy? All throughout the chastity forums and websites, guys express a preference to the steel cages because of the feel and heft of the metal. It gives them a heightened “awareness” of  being entrapped and controlled. Make no mistake; cock cages are a form of bondage. And, those of us who love bondage do so because of the sense of vulnerability, surrender, loss of free will, and control that it brings. There is a big difference between being tied up with silk scarves to the bedpost, and being restrained with thick leather cuffs attached to steel anchor points drilled into a wall. The same contrast can be observed between a lightweight, clear plastic cage and one made of unbending steel that weighs about a half pound. Mentally and emotionally, you KNOW that your cock is not really yours anymore. And, when you took the time to take all of your measurements and paid the $225 + for it, you tend to become pretty “attached” to your little personal prison. (pun intended)

The Jailbird has a far less noticeable ‘signature’ under clothing as well. Even without underwear, the shape and curvature of this cage made it invisible under jeans, shorts, and work clothes alike.

Finally, the Jailbird is just plain fun to wear for play. It has the look and feel that says your cock belongs to someone else. Without a doubt, it has a psychological effect on the wearer. Mistress Oasis loved the look of it as well. The open steel cage design allows for access all along the shaft and head, which is not offered by the CB6000. So, Mistress Oasis could string me up with the Jailbird in place, and poke me with skewers, run her favorite pinwheel over my cock, or even drip hot wax on it without having to remove the cage itself.

So, all in all, the Jailbird was everything that it was advertised to be. It should have been my “forever” cage, right?

Well, the following are my negative experiences with the Jailbird cage:

Base ring problems. This cage should be a full 2 1/2 inches lower – back where my skin is still white. Notice the red chafing just behind the ring? Yeah, late night hard-ons hurt like a motherfucker!

Base Ring – I have a problem. My penis has a very wide range of size variation between its shrunken state and an erection. No, I’m not John Holmes or anything like that. But, I’m above average when erect. I’ve also had a vasectomy that included titanium clips left permanently clamped to the ends of the cut tubes. Ideally, a cage with a base ring will fit in such a way that the base ring stays just behind the scrotum, and the cage itself will remain snug on the penis, slid back all the way to the base of the penis. I got a base ring that successfully did this while I was limp. However, once I got erect, I had the same problem that I did with the CB6000. The ring would cut off my circulation. Then, my erect penis would push the whole cage forward, pulling on my balls. Sometimes, the ring would trap the titanium clips from my vasectomy in front of it, and then it was forcefully pulling forward on the clips. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a super painful erection, with my balls purple and I could feel the strain on my tubes deep inside – not knowing how long I’d been asleep with the blood to my genitals seriously restricted. So, we would have to take the cage off at night.

Looking at the overstretched balls from another angle. Not safe!

I ordered a new ring that was 1/8th inch larger in diameter. Now, my circulation didn’t get cut off as badly but the forward pull on my balls was just as painful. Additionally, now whenever I was flaccid, the cage would begin to slide down my balls and penis. One particularly warm day when everything in my shorts was very soft and loose, Mistress and I were taking a walk. At the end of it, we got in the car. I could tell that the cage had slid down a bit and opened my fly to adjust it. The cage had slid halfway down my cock and was resting on top of my balls.

The base ring of the plastic CB6000 is a semi-circle with a removable top that is integrated into the locking mechanism. What that means is that the base ring can be slid on or off regardless of the condition of the penis, hard or soft. The base ring of the Jailbird is one solid piece. It cannot be slid past the balls when I’m erect. It can only slide on and off when I’m totally soft. This can cause a problem.

Mobility – Despite the issues above with the base ring, the cage is still very comfortable – until you have to lie on your stomach to do some kind of household repair. Then there is simply nowhere for the stainless steel Jailbird to go but into your pelvic bone and upper thighs. Working out at the gym with the Jailbird on was no problem, except for leg curls that require you to lie face down. I could even ride my bike. But, not being able to lie down to handle various maintenance chores was a hindrance I could not abide.

Neither of these issues is a flaw on the part of the Mature Metal cage. Their product was exactly what they said it would be. However, I realized that my body is simply not compatible with a cage that has a base ring. Anatomically, I’m just not built for it. The constriction caused us real concern about potential blood clots or other health risks. So, I had to continue looking at other options.


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Romance Me With C.B.T! (The Spiked Tube)

I love masochistic play.

Seriously, being a service oriented submissive is great – but pain is the icing on the cake that almost never fails to make my heart and mind soar! Even the buildup to a scene – stripping down (if I’m not naked already) laying out toys, those first moments of being bound and made vulnerable and helpless – all of it is like a ritual that gets my juices flowing. And it’s not just the physical body responses. Mentally, my head clears. My mind empties and all the issues and stresses of life melt away. Emotionally, I go deeper and deeper into my submissive mindset. Every move, every look, my posture, my tone – ALL become very purposeful. Everything I say and do is aimed at pleasing my Mistress. It’s a transformation that scoops me out of the mundane doldrums of daily life and takes me into a magical universe of extremes. Once the pain starts, it just takes me deeper and deeper into Wonderland.

I love all sorts of pain all over my body. But my favorite type of painful play by far is CBT – or Cock and Ball Torture.

I don’t think there is a  human on the planet that doesn’t have a deep, primal connection to their genitals. It doesn’t matter if you are a naked native in a wild land who thinks nothing of wandering around with your junk in plain view of everybody, an open-minded new-age philosopher who thinks that the genitals are the magical gateway to pleasure and cosmic love, or a modest, closed legged puritan who thinks the genitals are “dirty” and evil, to be hidden away and only exposed to your spouse or medical professionals. We can all agree that what we have between our legs is some equipment that is very sensitive and very personal. There are few things that  say “You are powerless” quite like being bound and naked, then having someone grab hold of those parts.

Having had lots and lots of various painful things done to my cock and balls, Mistress Oasis and I have gotten more and more creative in our toys and play. This week we pulled out a toy we have only tried once before about 6 or 8 months ago. It’s a steel ring with four threaded spikes that screw into it. This contraption also includes a steel urethral tube that is held in place by a small rod attached to the front of the tube and captured by a screw on top of the ring. (See Pictures) The idea is that the ring is slid onto the penis and the spikes are screwed in to the desired depth. Then the urethral tube can be inserted, then locked n place with the screw on top of the ring.

The devise isn’t exactly easy to put on, so I helped with locking the ring in place just behind the head of my cock, then gently slid the tube up my pee hole. Man, it is amazing just how big a tube can fit into the urethra! Once it was on, I was hooded and bound standing, arms outstretched over my head. There was nothing initially painful about the ring and spikes as I was just standing there limp. Each spike was protruding perhaps 4 -5 mm. It’s got a good heft to it, so I felt a nice, erotic pull from the weight of the thing. Instead of immediately starting to play with me, Mistress Oasis kicked back in her chair and just sat admiring for awhile – making me wait. But eventually she came up and started to tease me. Once my cock started to grow a bit, and began pressing outward against those four spikes, the pain factor began ramping up very quickly.

Now, I’m sure the reaction of intense penis pain for the majority of men on the planet is for the penis to shrink up and retreat for safety. However, in a BDSM setting, mine does not. Nope … I grow. And the more I grew, the more those horrific spikes would dig into my skin, causing the pain to amplify. As the pain got worse, I’d continue to grow, perpetuating this tortuous cycle. I quickly realized that I was unwittingly helping with my own torture – which was an incredibly erotic thought – which made me continue to get harder.

Once I was fully erect – my cock defiantly hefting up the weight of this horrific device – the pain was stupefying. I was shocked to find that within only a couple of minutes, I was already in La La Land, with my head doing loop-de-loops within itself as the unyielding steel dug into my shaft just behind the corona. Mistress helped things along by tracing her finger lightly over the glans, adding a delicious sensation to the deep, painful predicament I was trapped in.

After a few minutes, she stopped touching and told me to concentrate on going limp again. I focused hard on numbing my mind to everything, which eventually allowed my erection – and the pain – to slowly subside. Eventually, all that was left was the effect of the adrenaline and endorphins dancing around in my brain.

But my break didn’t last long, and once again, Mistress Oasis was back at it. She toyed with my cock, tickling the head and the tip, causing the blood to begin flowing back in again. I started to grow like before. And the pain came just as I knew it would. Occasionally Mistress would squeeze the base of my suffering cock, which would swell the rest of the length another millimeter or so, forcing the spikes in deeper, and causing me to squirm and cry out in agony. I couldn’t see a thing, but I could tell she was having a blast. I was once again fully erect and suffering from the constant intense misery the steel spikes were inflicting within the ring.

I was a writhing, moaning and shuddering mass of pure pain, as my mind spun and raced and swam around, trying to cope with the unrelenting torment that my own body was causing itself. My breathing was erratic, alternating from hyperventilating to sucking in huge gasps of air – all while continuing to squirm around involuntarily – oblivious to how desperate and pathetic I must have looked. It was as if my entire body was involved in coping with the intense pain.

I was told again to calm down and focus on letting myself go limp as Mistress Oasis stopped her teasing. Again the blood flow subsided from my aching cock, allowing for some relief from the merciless, impaling steel. My mind was mush. Time was a blur. Mistress Oasis didn’t touch me. I had my hood on so I couldn’t see anything. She was letting me stand there helpless, wondering what was next. Would she take the evil thing off? Was she getting other toys to use? I have no idea how how long I stood there, arms bound to the ceiling, pondering my fate.

But Mistress Oasis began toying with my cock once again, and the horrifying torment cycle began again as I grew hard once more. And again I started squirming.

The cycle repeated itself a few more times, each becoming more intense. I eventually had to safe-word out … not because of the pain inflicted from the spiked ring, but because my hands and shoulders had become numb. My legs had all but given out on me and the cuffs encasing my wrists were pretty much the only things holding me up. So we took a cuddle break so I could get the feeling back.

Once everything was off and I was back in the world, I could see that the spikes had left four deep indentions in my cock that would clearly be there for awhile. Mistress Oasis was smiling quite happily, and made clear we would be doing that again soon.

I’m looking forward to our next play-day!


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