Dommes not responding to you?? Nix the Pics of your DICK!!!

Imagine you were applying for a really great job. Let’s pretend it was something that was going to start you off with about six figures per year. Great pay, huh?

Now, let’s pretend that I was someone in the Human Resources department of that company and, while scheduling your interview, I said to you – “There is one thing that will absolutely guarantee that you won’t get hired here. The management hates purple ties. Whatever you do, DON’T wear a purple tie.

Now, let’s assume you show up on interview day with your purple tie on. And, you are SHOCKED when you are told at the end of your interview, “Thank you, but you’re not what we’re looking for.”

You must be thinking, “Well, I’m not that stupid. If you told me not to wear a purple tie, I wouldn’t wear one.”

If that is your answer, then you have just a slight idea of how totally oblivious A LOT of guys calling themselves submissive males are when it comes to online profiles.

I’m going to get right to the point here. Dommes do NOT care about your pecker!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say that Dommes don’t like penises. Certainly they do. They like the penises that are attached to the male subs that they 1) get to know, 2) build trust and understanding with, and 3) agree to play with.

It is the penis that is splashed all over the profile of a submissive that sends them a “hello” message (whom they’ve never met) that Dommes don’t like. It’s without a doubt the NUMBER 1 complaint I hear and read over and over from Dominant women when it comes to their online experiences.

It doesn’t make sense, does it? They are women. You are certain that you have a really nice looking cock dangling between your legs. YOU like to see female breasts and closeup photos of vaginas. So, what gives? How could they possibly not be impressed by the 17 pictures you have of your flop-snake in various stages of rigidity and self bondage?

What I’m telling you here is not coming from me. It’s coming from thousands of women who are posting comments all over online forums, and a couple of hundred that I’ve personally befriended and spoken to in my 30 years in the lifestyle.

Here’s the deal, guys. Women THINK differently than we do. We men are visually and sexually driven. The sight of sexual organs draws our attention and interest. We straight guys love to see tits and pussy. Gay guys love to see dick. And bi guys – well, I guess they like looking at everybody’s junk.

But, women look past the physical. That’s not to say that they don’t look and assess physical attractiveness in a male specimen. But, they quickly move on to sizing up a guy’s intelligence, mannerisms, personality, confidence, and other things to determine compatibility. Dommes especially have a keen sense of knowing that they can pretty much have any cock they want. So, they look beyond that to assess the quality of the package that the cock is attached to (meaning the whole man).

None of this is to say that Dommes do not have a sexual drive or that they don’t enjoy a nice penis. Quite the contrary, they can be very sexual and even focus a lot of attention on their sub’s cock. But, that’s after they have established a friendly relationship with a sub.

Posting picture after picture of your schlong on your profile simply screams “I’m obsessed with SEX!!” What a Domme is looking for is a man who is obsessed with pleasing her. And by “pleasing her,” I don’t just mean sexually. And, I don’t just mean being good at foot worship or taking a good beating. What I mean is – can you satisfy her with your personality, your wit, your charm, and your obedience in non-sexual aspects and tasks?

But, prior to all of that, when she gets that message in her in-box that starts with “Hello Mistress So and So,” she’s simply trying to establish whether or not you are a “wanker.” In other words, are you simply looking for someone to please you? Someone to satisfy your fantasies? Someone to get you off? Guess what she’s going to think when she clicks on your profile (and she will) only to find a plethora of pictures of your sex organ?

I’m not saying that I’m completely against nude photos or dick pics. Hell, I have a few on my profiles. But, then again, I’m collared and monogamous. I’m not trying to find a relationship. If you are single and seeking, a good rule of thumb when it comes to phallic photos is: Less is better


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